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Before I head upstairs, I took another look at the ol' LJ and noticed it's been more than a month since my last entry.


I've had sinus issues (the weather here can't decide if it wants to be normal, rainy or cold or a mixture of all three.

Right now it's 31 @ 11:15CST. Ugh and It'll be 41 @ 7 and 58 at Noon. (All temps in F.) Oh and along with that, rain. See what I mean? And they say there's no such thing as climate change. Harumph, I say.

Hubby's last three fingers on his left hand swelled up like a damned balloon today and is angry red. I suspect a spider bite but naturally he won't go to the doctor. I think I shall have to coax him tomorrow if it's not better.

I am nearly finished Christmas shopping. I've already sent off one package to Florida. I just have to buy a few gift cards in order to ship the rest. After I wrap them. Early this week.

But, before THAT, I have to finish my fic. I wish my ideas would come to me before the last couple of weeks until the deadline. That would be so very nice for once. But noooooo. So, I've spent the last several nights typing until 2-3 AM and I've written almost 7k words in about a week. Whew. I only have the last bit to do (which will be tomorrow) then it's off to the beta for a quick turnaround so I can turn it in Tuesday night.

Skin of my teeth, indeed.

But--I love the way it's come together. It's very different from anything thing else I've ever done, so I'm very excited for my recipient to get it. :)

I've got to work the day before and the day after Christmas this year, so I'm thinking of buying a pre-made dinner from Mimi's Cafe. We'll see. That would free me up to only be responsible for making pie. It might be worth it.

Guess that's it for now. So very boring.
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Christmas was lovely. The only "problem" was that my prime rib was underdone...again. *sigh* I need a better meat thermometer, I think.

Here's a teaser pic of a cute baby:

To see more holiday pics, click here. )

Hope your holidays were as much fun as ours!
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Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

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So, having a trip in the middle of December is not condusive to getting your Christmas crap done in a timely manner.

I am not used to feeling rushed and pressured at this time of year...I don't like it at all.

Finally got my Christmas cards addressed tonight...most of them. Some folks are getting cards and gifts when my sister and her husband get back to Florida from their trip here to Tennessee.

That's right, family. You all will get your gifts after the New Year. Sorry. There just wasn't time.

My sister requested a Christmas Dinner for one of the days that she is here next weekend. And she will get it. I just need to know...apple or pumpkin?

Got the shopping pretty much done tonight. Still have one more thing to buy for Gregory's dad...tomorrow night is my annual wrap-fest while watching "Scrooge" (the Alistair Sim version, of course) and probably all of the traditional Christmas cartoon specials I've been DVR-ing for about a month now. Can't wait!

I also have to make another batch of fudge, because part of our gift to Hubby's dad will be about a half pound of it since he loves chocolate so much.

Saturday, we're planning a trip to visit his folks...and Tuesday the kids and their kids are coming for dinner...and we have to work both the day before and the day after Christmas...

ARGHHHH!!! We're going to be busy, busy for the immediate future.

Oh, and there's a Zales bag among the others...*glee*
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For your viewing pleasure, the Twelve Days of WooHoo:

I actually only have a small part in the video...an accident of timing placed my face on the thumbnail.
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Okay, it's been a while, I know. Let's see...

First, our trip. We started out on Thursday night, driving south. An online friend and her husband invited us to stop at their place outside of Dalton, GA to visit and spend the night. Their home is on the side of a mountain and is absolutely gorgeous. We had a lovely visit and the next morning a fabulous southern breakfast before starting off on the road again.

Friday was driving. I had forgotten how long it takes to get to my Dad's house (closer to ten hours--I thought eight) so we didn't arrive until after dark...around eight or so at night. And we missed the turn to their street, so it took a half an hour longer than it should have. *grumps* But it was really great to see everyone--my daughter, her husband and their son were there already--and my sister and her husband arrived a couple hours after we did. So, much visiting was done until we had to get going to the motel where we stayed that night.

Saturday was so much fun. We got back to Dad's house around ten o'clock and had pancakes for breakfast. Then we spent time visiting and catching up with everyone. Got to hang out with everyone and get to know the baby (Nathan) again. He is very cute and very smart and very TWO. Hee. In the afternoon, we exchanged gifts and then had a lovely dinner. It's hard to explain how much fun was had because it was mostly great conversation, laughter and general merriment. Saturday night, Hubby and I stayed at Dad's house for the night.

Sunday morning was breakfast and more visiting before Hubby and I had to hit the road for the long drive home. The kitties were really glad to see us when we got back.

We worked from Monday through Thursday and are off until next Wednesday (for me) and Thursday (for Hubby).

Yesterday, Hubby and I braved the crowds and finished our Christmas shopping. We had such a nice time going through the stores. The parking lots and roads were another story. Wow, I didn't realize there were that many cars in all of Tennessee! Yikes. But we got through it all. My car resembled Santa's sleigh--the trunk was full to bursting with gifts. We are really looking forward to Christmas day when the kids are here! We wanted to make sure their first Christmas in their new home was special and fun--and I think we will succeed. :)

Last night was my own tradition of wrapping presents while watching my two favorite versions of "A Christmas Carol." First and in my opinion the BEST version is the Alistair Sim version called "Scrooge"...watched in the traditional black and white. Next we watched some Disney cartoons with winter/Christmas themes and lastly was the George C. Scott version of "A Christmas Carol." By the time I finished my wrapping, it was almost 10:30 pm! I hope the kids like their gifts!

Today, I am going grocery shopping for the makings of our Christmas feast...roast beef of some sort. I am also going to try my hand at Rachel Ray's "Five Minute Fudge" which I am making to substitute for my usual "Fantasy Fudge" because I have not been able to find any Marshmallow Fluff anywhere this year.

So, that's us, up to date. If I don't update before--I hope everyone on my f-list has a happy, healthy and fun Christmas, Chanukah, Solstice or whichever winter festival you celebrate!

Love and Joy to you all!
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We had a lovely Christmas...considering we were not able to go to Florida like we planned. We decided we would make the best of it and not sulk, so we had a good time in the country with Hubby's folks. Behind the cut are the pictures we took to document the day. )

I received the Harry Potter wand I asked for, and the perfume I wanted. I also received a DVD of the BBC tv series "Red Dwarf, season Six" which I cannot wait to watch! His folks gave me a gift card to Cracker Barrel, a scented candle and a gorgeous ruby glass mug. My mom sent us a gift card to the Outback restaurant and my sister sent us a gift certificate to Amazon.com. My dad sent us some photos of the family. Hubby's granddad gave us each a check and his auntie gave us a box of chocolates. Hubby received the footstool, a sweater, a pair of new shoes, a gift card to his video game store, a Batman ornament and a Harold Lloyd DVD from me. From his folks he got a W.C. Fields statue and a Star Wars tee shirt. Hubby's brother and his fiance gave us a package of assorted coffees from South America and fiance's daughter gave hubby a sketch pad and me a statue of a cat.

All in all, a good Christmas indeed.
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I think we are done. Well, I do still have one gift left to wrap, but essentially, we are finished. I'm sure I got hubby many more things than he got me, which he will feel guilty about. *shrugs* But, I think he got me a wand, so he may be forgiven.

I just made the last batch of fudge which I will add to the goodie bags I made tomorrow. Tonight, I am making a romantic dinner for us of Cornish Game Hen glazed with blackberry glaze and stuffed with sausage/sage dressing. We will be eating at the actual kitchen table and will be using actual plates and napkins!

Tomorrow, it's Christmas morning for the two of us and then in the afternoon, off to his folks' house for dinner and visiting. I will share the gifts we got his parents in a later post as I don't want to spoil the surprise.

I expect to be checking my LJ tomorrow as usual, I hope there's some entries. I pledge to make an entry, even if it's just to confirm the whole wand thing.

Happy Everything to everyone!

eta: I got the wand! Squeeeeee!
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My husband is a very talented artist. Lately, he has be focusing on caricatures and has set up booths at street fairs, etc where he has made quite a bit of extra cash.

You may remember that we went to a wedding in July of some online friends I knew from the Knockturn Alley Harry Potter Forum Board.

At the time, hubby told the happy couple he would send them a caricature. Well, he has finally done it. You can see the picture he drew it from and the finished product behind the cut )
They received it in the mail and they wrote to say how much they like it. And they are sending us wine. Jack's wine, which is award-winning. Yum. We can't wait to sample it.

Oh, and I found out I will be getting my severance pay as promised. Just not in time to go to Florida. So, that company wound up royally screwing me in more ways than one. Without a kiss, even.

Trying to make the best of it. Have been baking like a crazy person. I finished the Italian Wedding Cookies today. I found some cute Nestle's Santa morsels and I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies using them which I will bake tomorrow. Hubby's last present came in the mail today, although I have an idea for one more which shouldn't cost too much.

And last, but never, ever least:

Happy Birthday to Dora the Nymph!

Besides being one of the very best betas in the business, she is an awesome person. I adore her, and I hope someday to travel to merry old England to meet her in person. Until then, [livejournal.com profile] dora_the_nymph, I hope all of your magic wishes come true.
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The good news is, I got a phone call today and I am definately hired at State Farm. The job starts in January, so that's a relief.

The bad news...we won't be going to Florida for Christmas this year. I am so sad about this, I cannot even express it in words. I would have said "Fuck all" and just gone anyway, but hubby basically put his proverbial foot down. Since I didn't get the severance pay I was promised, he is right, but still--I feel gypped. I have been hoarding my "vacation" days like a damn miser all year and really looking forward to all of the wonderful craziness that is my sister's house on Christmas morning...and to not be able to go is just heartbreaking. I find myself tearing up at unexpected times, and just wanting to say "to hell with it" and drive down anyway...

...but I can't.

Why can't anything ever work out for me the way it's supposed to?
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Got a bonus Christmas gift yesterday...a box of petit fours from my sister! YUMMY! Thanks, Sis!

Gregory and I used one of our gift cards to go out to dinner last night...it was wonderful. We had such an enjoyable evening, talking, laughing and just relaxing. The gift card meant we both ordered things we usually wouldn't have, so we came home very full and happy. Had some wine, watched a little tv and then off to bed. Not very interesting, I suppose, but very fun and we really felt the love last night (not THAT way, you pervs!).

We talked seriously about conserving our vacation time next year so we can go down to FL for Christmas! YAY!!!
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My dad sent me a disk with some pics from a Christmas party my family in Ft. Lauderdale attended the weekend before Christmas. I have put the pics behind a cut to spare the dial up LJ friends, but I have to say...these pics? Totally worth the wait. You will see cute babies and sweet parents...aka: my grandkids and my kids.




Dec. 27th, 2004 11:08 am
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My hubby and I must have been very good this year, because we had a bountiful Christmas! I received a sewing machine of my very own which I had asked for, a fabulous HP, PoA framed film cell collectible with a photo of AR as Snape which was also autographed (SQUEEEEE!), a cute teddy bear dressed as my favorite NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon and all kinds of gift certificates to assorted restaurants and stores both on and off line. With one certificate, I pre-ordered HBP for both me and my son...so only had to pay part of the cost for one!

We opened all of our gifts from out of town and to each other on Christmas morning. It took us over an hour!! After that, I made a hash brown casserole to take to the in-laws as our contribution to Christmas dinner. I also packaged up and took over a bunch more of the stuff I had baked--trying to get rid of it!

We drove over and opened more gifts--I can't remember everything we received, it was just too much. Then we had a Christmas dinner and hung out visiting for several hours until we finally went home after 7. All in all a lovely Christmas day--even if I couldn't be with my family.

I received a disk of photos from my Dad, as soon as I download some of them I'll post the recent pics of my grandbabies. They are so cute!!

I also worked on my KA Christmas challenge fic, which is still NOT finished, but will be soon. And I added another part to the KA group fic which is coming along really well!

It's funny how when I start out, I think I've got a ton to type, but then when I am actually typing, it turns out not to be so much.

I'm back at work, so I'll sign off. If I think of more, I'll update again later.
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It snowed here yesterday. All day the white stuff came drifting down out of the sky. We didn't get it as bad as a lot of folks...only a couple of inches...but underneath the snow is an inch of ice. I hate ice. It makes walking hazardous and driving worse. I ventured out under protest (my hubby had accidently left one load of laundry in the dryer at the laundromat the night before) and got back home asap. I thought about going to the grocery store--I actually went there and parked the car. When I put my toe out the door and felt the treacherous footing and abandoned that idea. I came home and worked on my fic some more. I like it, even though I know it's not very original. I don't care, it was stuck in my head and I'm glad I've done it the way I did. I just have to finish it...

Got packages from Mom, Dad and my sister during the past few days, so hubby and I will have lots of things to open tomorrow morning. He informed me today that one of my gifts is at his folk's house so I won't get it until we go over tomorrow...ACK!!! I got him everything he asked for.

I guess that's it for now. I hope everyone has a happy and very healthy and safe Christmas!
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Well, I'm exhasted. This past weekend I baked so many cookies---
I baked about 8+ dozen triple chocolate chip, 4 dozen molassass crisps, 6 dozen Italian wedding cookies and probably 20 dozen chocolate chip cookies. Plus I baked 6 mini loaves of pumpkin bread and made 6 pounds of fudge.

I still may bake some oatmeal cookies...but I'm not sure. I definately am going to bake some bananna nut bread, though.

All this industry is to give as gifts to co-workers, both mine and hubby's. Also I'm going to make a "goodie" basket as a gift for his best friend whose wife does not bake.

I got my bakin' jones on this weekend---that's for sure. I hardly noticed that it is colder than a witch's (forgive me, my wiccan friends!) tit outside. I am not looking forward to going to work in the morning. Thank goodness it's only a three day work week for me!!

In other news, we got all of our "out of town" packages mailed off on Saturday. The largest one, going to Florida, cost 25.00 by itself! Partly because it's oversized as well as heavy. Well, it's okay...I am so happy to have it sent off and my family will all have their gifts on Christmas day! I also sent off the KA secret Santa gift and a couple of other packages to friends who may not be expecting them. Hee!

I love giving gifts to people.

On Thursday, while hubby is at work, I am going to wrap his stuff. And I still want to get him one more thing...if I can find the right model. And I need to get stuff for his stocking.

I guess, in spite of myself, I'm getting in the spirit.

OH, I forgot to tell you all--one of my Christmas gifts is a porcelain model of Hogwarts, which lights up inside and has a sound effect like an owl and a bell tolling. It's awesome. They have the Quiddich field and Hagrid's hut too.

And we put up our small fiber optic light tree, too. There aren't any ornaments on it (hubby forgot the box at his folk's house) but it's festive anyway. And I won an ebay auction of miniture HP character ornaments so may be they will come in time.

I guess that's all for now.
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I hate being depressed. Lately I cry at the drop of a hat. I'm ultra sensitive to everything. I don't feel like doing anything or going anywhere, including both work and home.
Where else is there? I don't feel like going to work and I don't feel like going home. I don't want to work...but my place is so damned depressing, I don't want to be there either. We don't have room to put up a tree, and we are wary of putting up any decorations because our kittens are just so wild right now, they would probably just tear them up when we are not home.
I don't have any real friends here, so I'm really lonely.
My family is so far away and I miss them so much...(you don't have to call me, sis!) I wish we could go there for the holiday but we cannot afford it.
I'm not looking forward to Christmas at all. It (used to be) my favorite holiday, but now it just seems like too much effort and the day will not be like it is back home...so I just feel like "why bother?"
My husband bought two of my gifts in front of me, so no shocks there...and I love opening gifts and being surprised.
I won't see the kids or grandkids getting and opening their gifts...
Shit, I better stop now.


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